From VUCA to VULCAN – Learning from the Experts

Thursday 27th September 2018

The Guinness Storehouse, St James’s Gate, Dublin

Responding to the challenges of managing a dynamic, diverse workforce in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous times requires the right mix of tenacity, innovation, creativity, resilience and leadership; all essential components of a modern HR function.

In “Leadership Agility: A Business Imperative for a VUCA World”, Horney, Pasmore, and O’Shea, state that to succeed, leaders must make continuous shifts in people, process, technology, and structure. HR professionals are at the forefront of making such ‘continuous shifts’ to enable organisations to survive and thrive in today’s turbulent environment.

In this conference, you will hear leading experts from a wide variety of organisations who bring with them a positive alternative to VUCA – VULCAN.

Our speakers will share with you their:

How they plan for future success of their business in partnership with HR.

Of their business environment and the needs of their people

As individuals and as organisations and how they encourage a growth mindset in their people

Demonstrating their knowledge, skills and abilities as experts and leaders in their profession

Describing how they facilitate innovation, build resilience and instill a positive people orientated culture

Sharing the benefits of best practice and using interconnections for mutual benefit